The Why’s answered… :)

If you are wondering why on earth I need a domain of my own, welcome to the club !! I too am one of them, rather was one of them. This domain is Ashwin’s gift for my birthday last year. I do not wish to discuss this choice of gift πŸ˜‰ but I like it, its totally unique in this world. What say? πŸ˜€

He brought up the birthday gift topic himself, a week before the day. I am not into gifting and so I was indifferent at first. But then he started saying things like, ‘What I have for you is totally unique, it’s in the house from a long time and you did not even notice, you’ll never be able to guess what it is’ and so on one usually tends to think of all the hiding places in the house πŸ˜› And just like that when having breakfast on my birthday he turned the laptop to face me. It was a blank website and I thought maybe something is loading and waited. He just stared at me and I at him. Well, this is the surprise! What? Where? I was expecting some ecard to load but when he realized I din’t get it, he asked me to read the address. It took me a full minute for the whole thing to sink in. You can guess what happened next.

So that’s how I landed up with this website. So now that I have it what do I do? I never had to think so much in life. Ok, I’m exaggerating but you can understand, don’t you? Hubby came to the rescue again. Hey we are going for vacation in Jan, right? Write a blog on that? yeah right. He did not even have an idea I already had a blog in blogger πŸ˜› I had to agree though. Ashwin set up the whole thing for me except for finalizing the theme and writing the posts. (Thank you, sweetheart πŸ™‚ ). And here I am – blogging.

Hope you enjoy my blog.

Lots of love,