I want to…

Many have asked me about the “To Do” list I keep bringing up now and then. So here is the list, in no particular order. Some are striked out, others are fulfilled and some more are yet to be but I am keeping them all here anyway.

Get fair

Strike. Fair, as in complexion. This was the earliest thing I remember vowing to do. I had this constant dialogue from family friends, relatives and neighbors alike telling my parents -“You daughter never got your complexion, no? You both are so fair and she is so dark.” “Oh, piss off!”, I wanted to say but I only glared at them at the time, and cried alone in the bathroom later. I even remember applying “Fair n Lovely” generously all over my face without any results. It was only in my mid-teens I realized that all those who said that are shallow, that there is more to me than my color.Β This one is striked off. It doesn’t mean I got fair. I am still the same. I do get fair sometimes if kept under house arrest for a few months with no exposure to sun to burn my skin. But then I can’t remain at home all the time. Just not worth it.

Grow older

Check, of course.Β It was just plain frustration that what my mom n her sister in laws spoke all the time made no sense to me. And all my “curiosity” would be “flushed” with a “you are too young to understand.” Of course, I was only 7 then but I was “dying” to get older and understand the world.

Learn swimming

Check. Somewhere near the end of last year I did a basic course. My partner in crime, Bhagya, wanted to learn it and pulled me along. No matter how much I wanted to swim, I had not planned it at this age. But anyway, I am not complaining, better late than never, what say? I’m still not an expert. But I can smoothly move myself a few meters across a water body πŸ˜€

Learn skating


Play Pool/Billiards and Table Tennis

Check. Just wanted to play it. I did not play the whole game or anything. Just tried them and I liked it.


Check. I did ski once in the beginning of the year and won’t be doing it again for a long time I think.

Sky Dive

Open. I’d thought gliding was going to check this one for me, but no. Gliding is a completely different experience and having done it in the beaches of Goa only made me want more to sky dive.

Have my own cycle and motor cycle

Check. As I outgrew my cycle in high school, all I wanted was to get a scooter. My parents did not want me to get on a motor cycle yet though my dad himself had taught me to ride the cycle and scooter. The scooty had just stepped into the market moreover. When I did not see it happening I vowed to buy one of my own. I only needed to wait a few years and get a job. Ever since the Honda Activa came to the market I had my heart set on it. No matter which new/better model came I wanted the Activa and specifically in black. So finally I purchased one in March, 2007 after 45 days of waiting period after booking.
Then comes the cycle. This one materialized only last year. Oct 2009 to be specific when we had taken part in the Bengaluru Cyclothon 2009. Have taken her to office a few times but the back pain couldn’t have found a better time to kick in (thanks to streetlight less, deep ditched Bangalore road which I went into at 60 kmph on Activa. Thankfully I did not fall or anything, just the scooter went into the ditch, jumped up and hit my back). I haven’t been cycling since then but plan to continue soon.

Ride/Drive at high speed

Check. I used to always cheer when my dad drove the car on high speed. It was more fun when I stood in the front on the scooter. The wind hitting the face was such a high. All I wanted then was to ride or drive on high speed. Though dad did let me hold and up the accelerator, it is still not the same as doing it myself, right? So once I mastered my Activa, I rode it at 70 kmph. Did not find the courage to go beyond that, after all it is still a scooter. My usual speed is between 50 – 60 kmph, whatever the Honda guys say. On my hubby’s bike I went another 10 kmph higher touching about 80 kmph. My fastest though is 110 kmph on Santro. All this on the highway. I still prefer the two wheeler to a four wheeler any time.

Learn at least one classical dance form

Open. I was enrolled in a classical dance class (Bharatanatyam) when I was in 2nd standard or so. I half heartedly learnt it for 2 years (I was more inclined towards disco and bollywood dances then) and when I actually started to get interested in it, my teacher had to move away for reasons not under her control. With no other dance teachers in out town, I had to stop the classes. Never came around to learning it again. I searched and attended one class here in Bangalore recently but I found the lady very money minded and so I did not continue, it is such a turn off when the teacher does it for the sake of it rather than for the love of it. I wish and hope to learn one day. If not Bharatanayam, Kathak is nice too. And, if not for that, then even Salsa would do πŸ˜‰

Play Holi

Ever since I saw people playing Holi during our annual festival (Teru), I wanted to play too. But this was played only by the guys. The womenfolk only witnessed the madness, I wanted to be a “part” of it. Every year had me wishing for it. And then in February one year, about 6 years ago some colored water splashed on me :D. It was only a few drops but nevertheless I was sooo ecstatic. A few weeks later the national festival Holi (sometime in March) came round. All of us girls decided to go to the PG where some of the girls stayed and play holi. Imagine our shock when the guys in our class brought color powder and threw it on us! Completely unsuspecting were we but enjoyed it thoroughly. There was a huge hungama Β later when the lecturers came to know about it but that’s another story. Post lunch at the PG, we girls were a mad bunch hiding, throwing color, running, giggling, squealing and screaming. It was so much fun. The ride home in the bus later that day was a different story. That was my first Holi. An year later I joined a company as a trainee and we celebrated Holi on the terrace. This one was equally fun. And that was my last Holi. But I do intend to play it again.

Play Garba

Music and dance the whole night! What fun is that! The rhythm, the beat, the colorful dresses! Wow! Someday…

Lose weight

Open. I think I lost a few kilos fromΒ adolescence to nowΒ but others are simply stubborn. These have become so close to me that I think I might miss them if they ever left me ;). Just kidding. But yeah I still have a long way to go before I call myself slim. I do not have any issues related to weight or stamina though. This wish is only because I’d love to wear some of my not-so-old clothes which I seem to have outgrown.

Find footwear of my size and likeness

This is a forever cycle of check and open. Blessed with HUGE feet I rarely get footwear my size. If I do, the design isn’t of my likeness. There always is a need to compromise one for the other. But yeah recently though I have been lucky to not hate what I get in my size. I would love to wear other designs also but anyway…

Have unlimited supply of books to read

Open (and will always remain open, there is no limit to the number of books :D). I do have many books but it is still not enough. I want more books and wouldn’t mind being a salesgirl in a biiiiiiiiig bookshop. As for a librarian, I would love to have my own library. I don’t plan to circulate any books because I have become wiser after friends borrowed some of them and never returned.

Visit Kashmir, Maurtius, Leh/Ladakh, Andaman n Nicobar Islands

Open. I wanted to be amidst snow and those mountains colored with flowers and those boats and the floating houses… Sigh I wish all the nonsense going on there would stop (not just because I want to go there but actually really stop all the wars n deaths). Auli partially fulfilled the wish of snow and partially made me want to go to Kashmir even more.

I heard someone talking that Maurtius is the most beautiful place in the world. I don’t remember what age I was but that kind of “stuck”.

Leh/Ladakh I saw in a program called Indian Holidays that aired on Sony. This was one of my most favorite shows because it was real n natural n covered some of the off beat places that tourists rarely visit. The place was covered real beautifully.

Andaman Nicobar Islands I came to know from my colleague who went there for his honeymoon. The couple was taken on a boat to this island and left there is a wood cabin one day. You could spend the whole day with your spouse. The boatsman will come back for you only in the evening or so. How nice would that be? Just you and your loved one for a day, away from all the hustle n bustle, at the end of the world ?? πŸ˜‰

Start my own business

Open. Having a few business ideas in mind, this is one thing I am absolutely sure to do. I had decided very early in life that I wanted to do business. Of course, as a kid, I had a huge list of what I wanted to become some of which are as illogical as being a diamond smuggler! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, having outgrown all those, business is one thing that has still stuck.

This is it for now. This is not a fixed list. Some things might get striked off on the way, others may be fulfilled and still others may get added. Only time will tell. And no matter what happens I’ll keep you updated in this space, assuming the only-certainty-in-life stays away from me πŸ˜‰

Do you have any such list? If yes, do share it with me. And wish me luck to fulfill my wishes πŸ™‚ Thanks in advance πŸ™‚