The Smear Campaign

The smear campaign on the Bhushans looks so pre-meditated on the part of the Congress. Sonia G and others had no option but to agree to Anna Hazare’s demands when he underwent the indefinite fast satyagraha. They also knew that once the Jan Lokpal Bill came to power all their money minting activities would suffer. So what did they do? They agreed to Hazare’s demands and now they are attacking, via the smear campaign, the civil soceity members who are part of the Jan Lokpal Committee. One more example why the government does not encourage something whose outcome can only be good for the country.

And look who’s talking! Digvijay Singh shows his shameless guts once again, asking Santhosh Hegde why Karnataka is still corrupt given that he is the Karnataka Lokayukta. Well, DS, he could not do anything about it exactly because he has no powers to put the corrupt behind bars. That is exactly why the Jan Lokpal Bill is drafted, you fool.