Inner Engineering : The Beginning

Read about my guru here.
The problem with waiting is that I can’t do it indefinitely. There was a yearning to do “something” at least. Exploring that brought me to Inner Engineering. I had explored the Isha website numerous times but this time I was only looking at the specific courses that Isha Foundation offered. I wanted to experience the advanced programs actually but for that Inner Engineering was a pre-requisite. So I thought, let me take the first step and do that. I knew they had a center in Jayanagar but did not know that they conducted Inner Engineering at various locations from time to time. I began checking almost everyday if IE course is happening nearby. I remembered that last year they had an IE course in Marc School of Business which is like a stone’s throw from my home. But I could not find any upcoming IE courses there and I pushed the thought aside as a one-time event. I had made up my mind to do IE, come what may. So the only options left were Jayanagar and Coimbatore. Each of these had their own pros and cons. But Coimbatore wasn’t really an option in the practical sense. And then one day near the end of January, I saw the IE program scheduled for March 2016 and in MARC. Wow, what luck!!! I could not stop smiling for the rest of the day.
There was a number mentioned in the program listing and I immediately called up. Not reachable. Same story the next day too. Waited 3 days to call again and this time, a volunteer received and replied that she was out of station and would call me with the details once she was back in town. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I registered on the web portal. It was Fearless’s school day (13th Feb) and we had just gotten home after the function. Since Fearless was tired, he had his dinner and went straight to bed at 8:00 PM. We too decided to sleep early for a change. I was just lying down and remembered that I had not brought my mobile to bed (I usually put it on airplane mode and keep it near me for the morning alarm). Ashwin was already asleep. I got up to get my mobile and was about to put it in airplane mode when I got a call from an unknown number which happened to be an Isha volunteer’s. He had seen my web registration and since I had mentioned that I had some questions, he patiently answered them all. I confirmed his name again and saved his number so that, god forbid, if he too forgot to send the details, I could call up and pester him. Or, if I end up with some other volunteer, I can tell them I spoke with so-and-so (out of habit after talking to so many call center people). Turned out, I was worrying unnecessarily. I got the email the very next day and within the next 2 days I had done the payment and gotten the confirmation too. I was elated.
Exactly a month later, March 16-22, I took the Inner Engineering course. Every paisa was worth it. More details about IE in the next post.