Hi there :)
I’m Namratha, a 27 year old senti, moody, unpredictable and crazy human being. I live in my own mad world and nurture lotsa dreams n aspirations. Exploring the corporate jungles since 2005, my expertise lies in finding bugs ;) When not finding bugs, I’m usually found reading a novel or in the kitchen experimenting with taste buds.

The hardest thing for me is keeping still when the music is playing… n harder than that is getting up early in the morning. A multi-tasking human being that I am, I can cook, read, watch TV and talk at the same time.

In this blog I’ll be posting things that happen in my world – Travels, kitchen exploits, books and everything else that touches my life. If you are more inclined towards technology (what I otherwise call unsenti stuff) you can visit this blog maintained by my significant other.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I wanted the contact details of the massage wali bai. My baby is due in aug n it is my second one. Do you think she does other work in the house if we pay extra?


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