Today’s msg

This is the last in the “Today’s msg” series. Does not mean that I stopped loving my hubby. —————————————————————————————————————– I think of you only when I blink my eyes… A million years of rain would be my sunshine as long as you are with me… If my voice could reach you now, you’d hear a […]

The Why’s answered… :)

If you are wondering why on earth I need a domain of my own, welcome to the club !! I too am one of them, rather was one of them. This domain is Ashwin’s gift for my birthday last year. I do not wish to discuss this choice of gift 😉 but I like it, […]

Today’s msg

Do aankhen jamoon si… Bole kuch natkhat si… 😉 😀 If u have to think about whether u love someone or not, then the answer is no. When you love someone you just know… Most everything you do makes me wana smile… Let me fill your life with joy n laughter… Ye jo khushi ke […]

Celebrate Life… Celebrate Love…

I wanna shout out loud And tell the world That I love you more With every breath You fill my thoughts night n day And make my heart smile away A sweet pain of separation Which is always there Have I ever told you How you make me feel? Have I ever asked you If […]

Noble Heart

I felt you in my heart I felt you in my soul That was when I realized, Wished and prayed For you to be mine I wished you noticed the love in my eyes I wished you understood what I felt I wished I would never have to tell you out loud I wished you […]

I love you…

You came into my world Out of my dreams You changed my life In more ways than one You showed me the meaning of life You taught me to love With not a touch Not a word of romance You made me realize What i had been missin Until now… I believed u were created […]

Today’s msg… (of so many todays past)

Identify the song… Not in any particular order… Each msg will have 3 smileys in the end, thats like my signature style 😛 — Let’s tour the endless diamond sky… Let me start my saying I love u… Keep on shining… Take me somewhere we can be alone… Jithna bhi hum tumko chahe kam lagta […]